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My name is Areeta Asgharzadeh

and I'm an Iranian-American storyteller with a passion for both film and performance. Growing up in Ventura County, I discovered a love for acting at USC's theater program. Bringing characters to life in productions like "Men on Boats" and "Fuente Ovejuna: A Disloyal Adaptation" was an incredible experience that ignited a spark within me.

That spark eventually led me in front of the camera for national commercials with brands like Sonic and Flex. But my creative fire extends beyond acting – I'm also a filmmaker at heart. I've had the privilege of directing and producing films and commercials, some of which have been recognized at festivals and competitions.

After starting my own production company, Northdale Films, I became deeply invested in a documentary project titled "Letters from Iran." This project explores the experiences of Iranian women, both those within the country and those who have recently emigrated. It's a story I'm incredibly passionate about, and I'm aiming to complete it by 2025.

My curiosity fuels my creative journey. When I'm not on set or working on a project, you might find me traveling, doing hot yoga, or trying out an amazing new restaurant.

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